Application form

The application for Tuna Ting 2023 is closed!


Rules for Participation

  • Modern tents and modern clothing are not permitted in the market area
  • Everything on display must fit the medieval theme and be historically appropriate
  • Plastics and modern packaging must not be visible
  • Freezers for food must be covered up
  • Fire extinguishers must be owned and close at hand, if fire is needed for your work 
  • Use of mobile phones (or other modern devices) is not permitted.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the market area.

Please note that this is a notice of interrest! If we receive many applications of the same type, we reserve the right to refuse a place. This is because we want to get a good balance of different crafts. 

Marketplace Information

The marketplace rental for all three days costs 300 SEK and includes a space of 3×3 meters (length × depth). If you need more space, there is an additional fee of SEK 50/m (e.g. 6×4 m= 300 + 200 SEK). NOTE that you pay 300 SEK in rent even if you do not use the entire 3×3 meters. For additional space, we only accept whole meters.

If electricity is needed, an additional fee of 150 SEK is added. We do not provide extension cords.

NOTE that we cannot accommodate both electricity and fire! Please think about what is most important for your business! 

 We have a market section where braziers are allowed, however, only LPG is permitted near the buildings. Open flame directly on the ground is prohibited in the entire market area. If you need to use fire for your business, you are obliged to possess a fire extinguisher within reach. If this requirement is not met, you will be denied to set up your space.

We can offer a temporary parking permit if you include your license plate number in your registration.

The marketplace rent must be paid no later than June 1, to BG: 406-1511, or Swish: 123 642 79 83. Mark the payment with Market Rent and name/company name

We review your application and contact you with approval or rejection as soon as possible!

Please read the Rules for Participation and Marketplace Information carefully before you start filling out the form! 

The form should be filled in as carefully as possible. Name or company name, social security number or corporate identity number, address and telephone number must be complete, this is a requirement from the Swedish Tax Agency.